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Regulations for importation of used vehicles by the exempted groups:

After studying the provisions of council of ministers decision No.(274) for the year 2010 regarding the prohibition of importing used vehicles, and after consultation with all the concerned parties, I would like to inform you by the presidential instruction which include the regulations for importing used vehicles for the exempted groups from council of ministers decision, according to the following:

  1. The exemption to import used vehicles shall restricted to (4) groups, these are: diplomats, seconded, delegated and final returned Sudanese working abroad.
  2. The above mentioned groups are permitted to import one vehicle according to the following provisions and general regulations:
  3. It’s permitted to import only one vehicle (saloon, box or general transport vehicle
  4. The age of the vehicle shall not exceed (5) years according to the provisions and regulations
  5. The importation shall be once in age
  6. The regulations regarding any of the four groups shall be as follow:


  1. Diplomats:
  2. Introducing a certified letter from the ministry of foriegn affairs determining the period of working abroad and date of return and receiving the position in the headquarters of the ministry.
  3. The period for benefit from this exemption shall not exceed six months from the date of return to the country.
  4. Delegated persons:
  5. Delegation period shall not be less than two years.
  6. Letter from the delegating party informing that he completed the delegation and obtained the scientific certificate and he has returned to his position.
  7. Completion of vehicle importation procedures during six months from the date of return to the country.
  8. Seconded persons:
  9. Secondment period shall not be less than two years.
  10. Secondment shall be by government authority and not personal contract.
  11. Introducing letter from the concerned government authority determining the period of secondment and the date of return and receive of the position.
  12. Completion of vehicle importation procedures during six months from the date of return to the country.
  13. Final return Sudanese working abroad:
  14. The period of working abroad shall not be less than (3) years.
  15. The return shall be final.
  16. Presenting copy of final return visa document.
  17. Certified letter from Sudanese working Abroad organizing body determining the period and country of expatriation and ensure of final return.
  18. Make sure of the fulfillment of conditions and regulations and execution of exemption directly by Customs authority in the arrival port and in the planning directorate at the headquarters (vehicle ownership, driving license … etc).
  19. The relevant parties direct letters and the required documents to the Customs authority signed by the first official person for the purpose of executing the exemption.`