Opening of training course for smuggle combating general administration workers 19/04/2016

DSC_0088-300x198Police major general/ Dr. Bashir Eltahir Bashir the representative of the head of the authority, police major general/Elhadi Ahmed Eldehaish director of the general administration of smuggle combating and police brigadier/ Zeinab Yousif Habani director of training directorate have honored this morning in the headquarters of Adiat company at Khartoum north the opening of training course in the field of commercial fraud and trade marks counterfeiting for general administration of smuggle combating workers, the course aimed at training (10) officers and (82) non-commissioned officers and soldiers as a first group. The Suadian expert in the field of forgery and counterfeited goods Dr. Daif Allah Alzahrani lectured the participants also Dr. Rashid Abdel Muhsin introduced scientific paper on counterfeiting and commercial fraud combating and protection of intellectual property rights. This course comes in the framework of cooperation between Uniliver international company and some customs institutes in Arab countries and Sudan customs as one of the most important customs institutes in the Arabic region and Africa. It ҆s worth mention that the course will continue for three days in Khartoum state and then move to Gazeera state.

Inauguration clearance of first customs declaration through risk system in Khartoum Airport

DSC_0241Sudan Customs Authority has inaugurated in Sunday 20March2016 the clearance of first customs declaration through risk system in Khartoum airport. Police major general/ Dr. Abdel Hafeez Salih Ali, the head of the Authority emphasized that clearance through this system is an international demand in the framework of facilitation and simplification of customs procedures and to decrease time and effort exerted, his execllency also directed that that system should be implemented gradually in other directorates according to risk management administration approved plan. Police brigadier/ Hassab Elkarim Adam Elnour director of Khartoum customs directorate mentioned that risk management system is one of trade facilitation standards systems that customs administrations through out the world should apply to fulfill the condition of trade facililation that quality to access World Trade Organization, this includes other standards and that Sudan Customs Authority has stepped widely in moving to digital environment and from there to the smart environment soon.

Police colonel/ Mubarak Mohamed Ahmed chairman of risk management system steering committee in Khartoum airport and deputy director of Khartoum airport customs declared that they are so ready and prepared to implement all systems which contribute in facilitating and simplification customs procedures. Police colonel/ Abdel Majid Alhaboub indicated that Khartoum airport is the beginning, the system should be implemented in the coming days in Red Sea customs directorate, Suba containers administration, Ashkeit corridor and districts administration. The system applied through the yellow lane which indicate to documents audit only without detection where the first declaration number (11626/2016) was released in a very short time.