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Importation Procedures

Imported goods clearance procedures:

Imported goods shall subject to customs tariff rates listed before every commodity in the table annexed to customs law.

Upon importation of any commodity, importer shall submit the following:

Importation of Gold:

The required licenses for imports customs procedures of restricted and prohibited goods:

For restricted goods:
Commodity Required license issuing party
Drugs and medical apparatus and equipments, cosmetics, veterinary medicines and vaccines Certificate from the national council for pharmaceutics and poisons
Books, printed matters and newspapers National  council for newspapers and printed matters
Recorded tapes National  council for literary and artistic works
Insecticides National  council for insecticides







Potatoes seeds

  • Certificate of planting from the ministry of agriculture
  • Agricultural quarantine form (10)
  • Plants protection form
  • International and local examination certificate
  • In addition to the above mentioned licenses, additional license from the national council for potatoes is needed
transplants License from the ministry of agriculture
Space receivers equipments License of the National committee for communication
Fishing nets Certificate from the ministry of animal wealth (fishing grounds)
Colored documents copiers, colored faxes and scanners License from the public security administration
Spices and peppers
  • Plants protection form (3)
  • Agricultural quarantine form (10)
Measurements and weighs Metrology and Standards Authority
Weapons, ammunitions, explosives and fireworks License of weapons from the Ministry of Interior
Radiant materials License of enter from Nuclear Power Corporation
Antique pieces License from the National Corporation for antiquities
Large electric generators License of the Ministry of Energy and Electricity
Used spareparts, instruments, tools and machines Stamp of final invoices in the Ministry of Foreign Trade
Food stuff
  • Health certificate from the Ministry of Health – Administration of environment and food protection
  • Certificate of Standardization Corporation
Holy Quran The high council for the Holy Quran – Ministry of Endowments and religion Affairs
Engine oils and Gas cylinders Agree of ministry of energy (Petroleum General Corporation)
Live animals Health certificate – Ministry of Animal Wealth
Commercial quantities vehicles In condition that importation from the Ministry of Foreign Trade should be through an agent
Vehicles for personal use The same year model clause


Prohibited goods:

  1. Potassium promide
  2. Gambling instruments
  3. Weapons, ammunitions and explosives without license
  4. Used clothes
  5. Used tires
  6. Wines
  7. Narcotics except that licensed for medical research
  8. Forged currencies and paper used for forgering
  9. Unregistered creams in the Ministry of Health
  10. Tapes containing shameful pictures or immoral printed matters
  11. Goods imported from Israel