Controls the import of goods for personal use Print

Regulations of personal use commodities importation according to the ministerial decision No. (63) for the year 2011 which decided the following:

First: Regulations of importation of personal use commodities for groups who permitted to import:

1 Diplomats:

  1. Bring out of letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (importation should be once every (4) years)
  2. Presenting detailed list for the imported luggage
  3. Presenting copy of valid passport

2 Government Delegates:

Presenting letter from the delegating party (importation should be once during or at the end of the period of delegation)

3 Envoys and Seconded Persons:

  1. Presenting letter from the envoys or seconded party (importation should be once during or at the end of the envoy or secondment)
  2. Presenting detailed list of imported luggage
  3. Presenting copy of valid passport

4 Sudanese working abroad:

  1. Presenting letter from Sudanese working abroad affairs body (importation should be once every three years)
  2. Period of residence abroad should be at least (3) years
  3. Presenting Sudanese passport declaring residence abroad
  4. Presenting detailed list of imported luggage

For Sudanese other than the above mentioned groups:

  1. Presenting the required documents (invoice, delivery order, bill of lading)
  2. If the imports were accompanied with the passenger, no bill of lading is required
  3. The person importing commodities or luggage should be Sudanese
  4. The person importing commodities should be at least (18) years old
  5. Importation should be every (3) years

Kinds and quantities of commodities imported for personal use:

  1. Persons should comply with the kinds and quantities of commodities according to the attached tables, maximum of importation amount should not exceed (10000 Euro) or equivalent from other hard currencies
  2. For building material, investigation certificate, valid building license and charts in case of multi-floors
  3. Clearance of goods should be by customs authority directly without any need to complete bank procedures or importers register

list of commodities permitted to be imported according to the above mentioned regulations:

No commodity Quantity
1 Deep freezer refrigerator 2
2 Refrigerator 2
3 Washing machine and heater 2+2
4 Receiver and disk 2+2
5 Television 2
6 Recorder and radio 1
7 Electric iron 2
8 Fans 6
9 Electric regulator 2
10 One electric generator KVA10
11 Electric home bakery 2
12 Personal computer 2
13 Carpet 20m
14 Curtains and accessories 20m of fabrics
15 Sheets 2 dozen
16 Workshop devices (welding machine, charger, Drpkin tires balance, and other craftmen tools) One from each type provided that it does not exceed the defined amount
17 Ready made clothes (men, women, boys, children and women gown) 1 dozen
18 Fabric and galabias 2 bunch
19 Perfumes and cosmetics 1 dozen
20 Different shoes from every category (men, woman, boys) 2 dozen
21 Motorcycle 1
22 Bed room 2
23 Computer, scanner, fax, printer 1
24 Vehicle machine, vehicle battery 1
25 Copier, iron strong box 1
26 Air conditioners 4
27 Chairs and tables 1dozen


Un commercial importation (list of needs for residence of Sudanese working abroad):

No commodity Quantity
1 Medical equipments and apparatus To the limit establishing clinic
2 Engineering equipments and apparatus To the limit establishing engineering office for one person use
3 Workshop equipments and tools For technicians and craftsmen to to the limit for personal use
4 Requirements of services places (cafeterias, restaurants, etc …) For one place
5 Requirements for establishment of offices (furniture, copiers, computers faxes) For one place
6 Machinery bakeries After the agree of the relevant authorities
7 Requirements of light industries (mills, squeezers, peelers and little tricot machines) To the limit for two units from the required type


Building materials (the permitted quantities for multi-floors building):

No commodity Quantity
1 Ready made doors 30 door
2 Ready made windos 60 window
3 Ground flagstone and walls of 250mm 150 mm
4 Different electric lamps 100 lamp
5 Lighting keys, bluks and others 100 pieces
6 Normal washing set 6 sets
7 Foreign washing set 6 sets

Clearance procedures of passengers and their luggage:

1 Arriving passengers:

  1. It’s better to decrease the number of bags and luggage carried and accompanied by passenger to facilitate examination process and accelerating departure of ports and airports
  2. Observing arrangement and preparation of bags to facilitate examination process so properties would not expose to damage, there should be perfect knowledge about the contents of the bags
  3. Passenger should be care that luggage accompanied with him is in the reasonable limit and not exceeding the personal use as far as possible
  4. Heavy luggage should be shipped by air, road or sea, only personal luggage should be carried to avoid delay upon arrival
  5. Avoiding bring of prohibited and banned goods e.g: wines, narcotics and poisons, dissolute pictures
  6. Avoid bringing of immoral records, gambling tools, weapons and ammunitions (except by license) …etc
  7. Contact Sudanese embassies abroad before departing to be sure about decisions and procedures and new restrictions relevant to processing of passengers and imported goods
  8. Reading the signboards and listening to the calls directing and guiding arrivals
  9. To be sure that immigration and passports procedures were completed
  1. Presenting the passport to the customs officer before starting examination process with the presentation of bags wholly
  2. Commit to respond to all customs officer questions before and during the examination regarding the contents of the bags or any other questions
  3. Passenger should not hide any thing or conceal any information required by the customs officer so as not to expose himself to legal liability
  4. When passenger bring dutiable goods through terminals, the arriving person should pay customs duties in hard currency whatever its possible or hand over the goods against customs form No (59) stamped and certified to complete the procedures later on
  5. If prohibited or banned goods were found or false declaration was introduced, the goods should be seized under customs form No (33) (notice of seizure). The original copy thereof should be handed over to the concerned person after his signing, such person has the right to submit claim in writing for ending seizure to the director of the customs station during three months from the date of signing the notice, if that period was terminated without submitting the claim, the right should be prescribed
  6. Arriving person shall take all his luggage before departing the terminal



1 Departing passengers:

  1. Avoiding the carry of liquids and sharp tools and things that threaten the security of passengers
  2. Passenger should be acquainted with the contents of his bags
  3. Avoiding the carry of prohibited or banned goods
  4. Reading the signboards and listening the calls which directing and guiding departing passengers
  5. To be sure that immigration and passports procedures were completed
  6. Be sure of completion of carrier procedures
  1. Presenting all bags and packages before the customs authority
  2. Presenting passport for customs authority
  3. Commit to respond truly to the questions directed by customs officer before or during examination procedures
  4. Necessary documents and hand bags should be carried before departing the terminal