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Customs Bonded Warehouses :

Customs Bonded warehouses in Sudan is one of the instruments for collection and its means however it’s the best means for achieving international and maro- economic purposes internally, its also a system that combine Customs function which represented in control and collection.

Bonded warehouses system is namely postponement of Customs duties payment by storing goods and commodities for a period of year or more during which duties would be paid totally or partially and there is no option for total payment in or before the end of the defined period.

Advantages of Customs bonded warehouses system:

  1. Customs duties on goods shall be paid by the current value and Customs duty rate in the time of withdraw
  2. The increase in Customs collection shall be by the increase in imports quantities or variety of categories
  3. Enables Customs control
  4. Achieving international goal by facilitation of international trade flow
  5. Concentration of prices by supplying markets according to the needs
  6. Enable the importer to increase the imported quantity and varying of imported categories by the provision of cash through the postponement of payment
  7. Provision of goods inside the country so as to avoid political declines
  8. Refreshment of real state investment business
  9. Containment of internal workers
  10. Bonded warehouses system is distinguished by transparency and flexibility in procedures where its available for any group of importers provided for the financial, importing and storing capability in ability to comply with the regulation of this system which is mere protection of general and private rights and security of safety before payment.

Vision: Bonded warehouses administration seeks to achieve pioneering in Customs declarance systems according to quality standards to serve the economy and the society.

Mission: Application of attractive and control collection achieving bonded warehouses system

Values: Justice, integrity, transparency and sacrifice